My current New York City group is a chordless trio currently consisting of:

Niklas Lukassen on Bass and Vocals
Andreu Pitarch Mach on Drums

Here’s my NYC trio playing at Bar Next Door in Greenwich Village.

My equally dynamic (though distinctly unique) Dallas group consists of:

Carleigh Reese on Vocals
Alex Fraile on 2nd Saxophone
Peter Rioux/Ben McDonald on Piano
Mike Luzecky on Bass
John Sturino on Drums

Here is my Dallas group performing at the Free Man Jazz Cafe in Deep Ellum, TXIMG_5194

All my bandmates are incredible musicians, I only surround myself with those who are better than me! While these are the working groups that play my original music/arrangements regularly, if you would like to hire me to play trio, duo, or in any other setting, that can certainly be arranged, just shoot me an email at or through my Contact page.