My current project is a chordless quartet known as The Beehive Quartet

“The Beehive Quartet, inspired by the daring spirit of the 1960’s, seeks to challenge preconceptions with imaginative compositions, dynamic improvisation, and relentless groove.”

Joseph Giordano on trombone
Tony Golden on bass
Quinton Cain on drums

Ben Feldman Photography

I also frequently play trio with Niklas Lukassen on Bass and Vocals and Andreu Pitarch Mach on Drums. Other frequent collaborators are Joseph Block, Arta Jekabsone, and Arturo Valdez

Here’s a gallery of some groups I have led:

My frequent collaborators when I play in Dallas are:
Quincy Davis
Dave Meder
Marion Powers
Raul Reyes
Matt Young
Sergio Pamies
Others include Mike Luzecky, Ethan Ditthardt, Young Heo, and Alex Souris

All my bandmates are incredible musicians, I only surround myself with those who push me. While these are the working groups that play my original music/arrangements regularly, if you would like to hire me to play quartet, duo, or in any other setting, that can certainly be arranged, just send me an email at through my Contact page.

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